Recently, social media sites have become increasingly effective platforms for online business owners to promote their products. This is because of the amount of traffic they get, with millions people spending a high percentage of their time browsing social sites on their phones and laptops.

Here are some ideas for promoting on social media sites that could significantly increase the number of people seeing your offers, and as a result, significantly increase the amount of money you earn from your business.

Use humorous, famous and inspirational quotes in your social posts:

Social media users are often attracted to quotes by famous personalities. Users are very likely to interact with social posts that contain famous or hilarious quotes. You can amalgamate these quotes with promotional information to get potential customers to see your products and services.
Don't worry about using quotes that have already been used. Social media users don't object to reading a famous quote more than once; so long as they find it worth reading. In the process of reading such quotes, social media users get to read the promotional information attached to the quotes.

Use creative, fill-in-the-blanks posts for promotional purposes:

People like to have their curiosity provoked and social media users are no exception. Fill-in-the-blanks posts are posts that inspire readers to interact with your posts by commenting. An example could be:

“If I won a million dollars I woulld _____.”

Conduct regular polls on social media for creating engagement:

While most social media platforms like Facebook offer built-in polls, one ought to note that running polls manually can go a long way in not only increasing traffic but also creating engagement from a given post. You can use social polls to test the market for particular product ideas by including questions that will help you to determine how appealing the prospective product would be to your customers. Polls that demand yes or no answers can encourage your existing customers to express their views about the products or services you are promoting on social media platforms. Consequently, they not only provide their views regarding the questions posted but also increase engagement for other social media uses in which they form a discussion. Once an active discussion is initiated, the posts will attract more and more traffic, thereby enabling your product to be put in front of a much wider range of people.

Offer free downloads in your social posts:

Nearly everyone likes to get free stuff and this is why posting free offers on your social platforms is such an effective way to boost your social media marketing. As long as your offer, whether it's a free e-book, software application, WordPress plugin or product sample is genuinely useful to your audience, it will help you to get more likes and shares and enable you to grow your lead base and present your paid offers to more people.

Recycle your posts that did really well by attracting more traffic:

It is a good idea to recycle your old posts that worked well in building traffic and engagement for your business. That said, you should be careful not to recycle posts that still have active discussions and engagements as this looks desperate. It is important to only recycle expired posts that got results when they were still active.

You may be surprised at the enthusiasm with which social media users will receive a recycled post. Once interesting; always interesting.

Include infographics in your social posts:

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. In terms of grabbing the attention of social media users, combining infographics and branded images certainly helps to boost engagement and attract people to your promotional content. The right picture can stop your potential customer from scrolling and get them to notice you and maybe even become a regular customer.

Ask your audience for their views on your products or services and for suggestions as to how they could be improved:

From the perspective of your customers, nothing is more inspiring than the feeling that they have contributed to the improvement of the product or service they are consuming. As such, asking your social media followers for their suggestions for ways to improve the quality of the product you are offering.
This will also help to develop customer loyalty which is an extremely important part of growing your business.

Promote your social profiles whenever you can:

If you're determined to increase the size of your social media audience, include your profile links whenever and wherever you can. Always remember to let anyone who is reading your content know exactly how they can follow you on social media. In addition to providing Facebook name and Twitter handle, give people a reason to visit those social media sites and actually have an interest in you and whatever it is that you do.

Synchronize all your social media accounts, sites and blogs:

Synchronizing all your social media sites so that a user who finds your profile in one site can effortlessly find you in the rest of the sites is an important way of increasing your following, especially if one of the sites is an important channel for promoting your products. Sometimes, linked social media sites are able to share information.

Ensure the content you post can be shared easily:

Although social media platforms already provide people with buttons that they can use to share posts made by other users, it is essential to make your content as sharable as possible by including multiple share buttons on your blog posts which your readers can use to share your content to as many different social venues as possible. For example, there are probably buttons visible at the side of your screen which enable you to share the blog post you are currently reading. Even if you are using a social profile to publish your content, there are methods you can use to add a ‘share this' button to your post.
When your social media media followers share your content on their timelines, their friends and followers see the content as well. This can boost your marketing efforts tremendously because there is no limit to the number of users that are able to gain access to your posts if they are shared widely.

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