Here are the 2 things you need to make money with internet marketing:

  1. An Offer
  2. Traffic (website visitors who are presented with your offer)

However, for your business to be profitable, your offer needs to generate more in sales (or affiliate commissions) than your traffic costs you in money spent on advertising.

Even if you're using free traffic methods, your time is valuable and nobody wants to exchange 80 hours of their time to earn 1 dollar.

You need to be able to present your offer and send visitors to it in the most cost / time effective way possible.

This requires you to develop several key skills, without which creating a profitable business and scaling it is impossible.

Here are just a few of the key skills you need as an internet marketer:

  1. Email List Building: A targeted list of email leads is the primary asset you need to have to create a reliable income. This enables you to create a traffic source that you control that does not rely on search engine optimization or the support of social media and advertising platforms who can (and often do) whimsically stop traffic to your offer(s).
  2. Creating Sale Funnels: A sales funnel is the mechanism that presents your offer to your visitors. Even if you are just promoting an affiliate offer, a funnel is usually the ONLY way to present your offer in a way that generates a profit instead of a loss. If you are sending free traffic to an offer, presenting it via a funnel will usually improve conversions dramatically when compared to just sending visitors to an affiliate link.
  3. Traffic Generation: Traffic is the fuel that powers your online business. Without it, you cannot make any money. Whilst getting traffic by paying for it is very easy, finding paid traffic sources which are profitable with a particular sales funnel is difficult. Finding paid traffic sources which are profitable for promoting raw affiliate links is virtually impossible in 2022. Generating targeted free traffic is also very difficult and it is vital you know which activities are worthwhile and which are futile if you want to promote your offer effectively with free traffic generation methods.
  4. Offer Selection: Whether you decide to create your own digital product or promote someone else's offer as an affiliate, you need to be able to provide your prospects with genuine value if you want your business to last. Promoting low quality affiliate products with high-converting sales pages but zero real value might provide you with short term gains but it is not an effective strategy for long term success. Finding affiliate offers which convert AND genuinely help your leads to solve their problems is an art form in itself. Creating products that convert and provide genuine value is an even more valuable (and rare) skill.

These are just a few of the skills you need to become a successful marketer in real life.

I know there are lots of offers ranging in price from 10 to 20 dollars, which basically say that you can get rich ‘with 3 simple steps', but none of them are anything more than ‘newbie traps' designed to entice gullible people into parting with money they cannot afford to lose.

Although there are some products within this price range that provide genuine value, there are always more hypey launches than quality ones as useless products take less effort to create than useful ones.

I recently joined a membership site which provides you with a complete library of internet marketing training products. You even get access to high-ticket courses that people paid thousands of dollars to join.

There is a free video on the page you reach when you click this link, that explains what you get as an IM VIP Training member .

Do you find yourself constantly changing from one money making ‘program' to another, looking for that one golden opportunity that will enable you to get rich without learning anything new or doing any work?

If so, you owe it to yourself to learn the skills that you MUST have if you want to earn a reliable income.

This is not an ‘easy' button or anything like that because they don't exist.

However, as an IM VIP Training member you will get everything you need to start earning money with internet marketing and scale up your income.

Discover the REALITY of Making Money Online with Internet Marketing..

Discover the REALITY of Making Money Online with Internet Marketing..

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