As you probably already know, being an affiliate marketer involves selling other peoples' products and being rewarded with a percentage of the value of the sales you personally convert.

For digital products the percentage of the sales value affiliates receive is relatively high, compared with the typical commission rate for physical products.

Digital product vendors whose products are featured on the Clickbank marketplace often reward their affiliates with more than 50% of the sales value of their products. The same applies with digital products promoted on the JVZoo marketplace.

Affiliate marketing accounts for most of my online income and is a great business model for anyone wanting to make money on the internet.

Many people just promote affiliate products as they find the idea of creating and marketing their own products too daunting to even attempt.

There are, however, a few alternatives which enable you to sell digital products and keep 100% of the sales you make, without having to create products of your own.

You can buy ‘resell rights‘ for other peoples' digital products. This means you get to sell the products on behalf of the vendor and keep all the sales you make. However, as a reseller you are usually entirely responsible for setting up a sales funnel, electronically delivering the product, dealing with support requests and creating a way for your buyers to pay you for the products before you give them access to them.

Acquiring ‘master resell rights‘ for other peoples' products gives you the ability to sell resell rights for those products to other people, as well as the ability to sell the actual digital products and keep 100% of the profits.

However, the major disadvantage with resell rights licenses is that you are still building the product creator or vendor's brand instead of your own.

The best kind of license to resell other peoples' products is a PLR (private label rights) license. This is because PLR products give you the right to add your own private label to the products, that is, rebrand and even alter them to make them your own.

PLR products are brilliant for internet marketers as you can rebrand them, call them your own and (usually) do pretty much anything you like with them, although you are usually not permitted to resell private label rights licenses.

High quality plr products like software, which you have rebranded and marketed as your own massively boost your credibility as an authority in your niche. This makes your lead base much more receptive to your promotions and even gives you the ability to launch your rebranded products on networks like JVZoo and Clickbank to recruit your own affiliates.

In addition to PLR products such as software, you can buy plr articles and other plr content like e-book lead magnets for building your email subscriber list.

The best approach with PLR content, whether it is software, lead magnets or articles, is to adapt it to make it as unique as you can, thereby setting yourself apart from other marketers and creating online business assets which are truly your own.

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