A massive problem faced by most online marketers, especially people who are newer to the make money online industry is the constant distraction they experience from people telling them there is some new product or training that will make them 7 figures in 1 year or 5 figures in 1 month or whatever.

When you start out with a vague idea that you will (somehow) find a way to make money on the internet, it is practically inevitable that you will end up on a few email lists and also pretty much inevitable that you will receive lots of emails from different people with messages telling you how easy it is to get rich online just by joining their multi level marketing program or buying their internet marketing training or software products.

This makes it very difficult for new marketers to succeed as they’re constantly being enticed to ‘drop everything’ and try the ‘latest, greatest’ launch.

Have you ever received an email from someone which looked like any of the following examples I just randomly constructed from memories of similarly misleading promo emails.

“UNBELIEVABLE. You can Earn $35 per hour just by _______.” (Yeah right…)

“WOW. This Simple Method makes 756$ a day on Autopilot.” (Does that sound a bit unlikely to you?)

It should.

Unfortunately the gullible mind-set held by many internet entrepreneurs makes achieving any real success almost impossible for them.

Don’t get me wrong some of the products being promoted via emails like this do sometimes help you. I have bought many different products from people hawking them with emails like this and they have enabled me to improve my game. A bit ?

They didn’t give me instant marketing superhero skills though. No single product or marketing system can do that for you.

You need to cure yourself of the ‘shiny object syndrome’ generated by marketers who exaggerate to the point of out and out lying and focus on the only internet marketing business model that has worked for me and is also 100% scalable.

That is:

  1. Make a good sales funnel for a good digital product that helps people to solve a problem, making sure that you simultaneously harvest email leads with whom you can follow up via autoresponder with emails containing further opportunities to buy the main digital product or other products from you in the future.
  2. Add traffic (visitors) to the funnel that cost less than you make from the leads in your front end funnel, upsells and email follow ups.
  3. Scale up your traffic / advertising so that you can make more profit from your funnel and then repeat steps 1, 2 and 3.

This system is tricky to do but worth spending time to get right. Remove all other distractions and ignore the BS.

There are many more skills involved and systems you need to have in place to ensure each stage of this simple sales funnel business model works for you. The aim of this site is to help you with all of them – for free ?

These include:

  • hosting – to make sure you have a professional domain name and email reply address for your sales funnel(s).
  • branding – to make sure you maximize the money you make from your follow ups (people buy from people they like, relate to and trust).
  • autoresponder skills – to make sure you are spam law compliant and able to automate your home business.
  • advertising – to make sure you know how to find cost effective paid traffic sources, that is, services where you make a profit rather than a loss on your ad spend.
  • free traffic – to make sure you get as much extra profit from your funnels as possible. Remember though, traffic is never really free – this just means the simple, non-time-consuming things you do to optimize your websites and funnels to get maximum exposure from search engines and social sites.
  • creating an engaging email message – to make sure your emails get opened by your prospects and inspire their interest WITHOUT tricking them, thereby enhancing your perceived image and ultimately getting you sales – without the need to resort to the “make ___ dollars in ____ days / weeks / months” aka. the ‘lying’ method.

It’s quite a lot to take in if you haven’t already given serious thought to what a successful online business actually contains. Nonetheless, you can rest assured they all have these common components.

Even the guys who send you the emails about the ‘get rich quick’ schemes out there include some of these things in their business model.

The ones that make regular sales do anyway.

I hope this helps you. Please look around the site for more details on the specific marketing skills and systems you are going to need to get your sales funnels working for you.

Discover the REALITY of Making Money Online with Internet Marketing..

Discover the REALITY of Making Money Online with Internet Marketing..

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