Once you have set up your online sales funnel or ‘selling machine' you need to get people who would be interested in buying your digital products to see them. The lifeblood of any business online or offline is customers and getting interested visitors aka ‘targeted traffic' to your sales funnel landing page is how you get customers. Without traffic your sales funnel won't make you a single cent, however good it is. In effect, your traffic is the lifeblood of your business.

There are a number of theories out there about how to get targeted traffic but my many years of experience have shown me that the very best way to get visitors and sales very quickly is to pay for them with money.

The ability to identify cost effective advertising is one of the most important skills you can have as an online entrepreneur as cost effective advertising can very quickly return or even multiply your investment when used correctly.

I know a lot of people don't like to risk their money but risking assets is the only real way to make money online.

Traders risk money on trends in the financial markets.

Internet marketers risk money on achieving a positive return on investment from their advertising. Or they risk wasting time by creating content that may or may not attract visitors. I HATE wasting time.

The internet will not just send you traffic unless you invest either time or money. You can spend time creating content in the hope that people will share it via social media and the search engines will rank it for popular keywords related to your product(s).

In the next project in the marketing training projects series I am going to discuss free traffic strategies but it needs to be clearly understood that I don't think most people could build a real business from free traffic alone – certainly not without being expert publishers or without help from others ie. outsourcing (which costs).

In order to publish and optimize enough quality content such as blog posts, articles and videos to refer enough traffic to your lead capture pages to make a real difference you would have to be an amazing content producer and have some serious search engine optimization skills and tools, alternatively you would have to pay others to do your content production, optimization and sharing for you.

However, the good news is that I do truly believe that most people could build a scalable and highly profitable online business by promoting high converting sales funnels with cost effective advertising.

The question is where to find advertising that makes you money rather than wasting money because unfortunately there is A LOT of advertising where it is almost impossible to make a positive return on investment, however good your sales funnel is.

Before you advertise you need to have a sales funnel, I know I've said this before but it's worth repeating because just promoting an affiliate link does not work any more. It is very unlikely that any advertising, however good it is, will give you a good return on investment if you simply promote an affiliate link or a blog homepage or anything that doesn't try to GRAB your visitors' attention.

Once you have a sales funnel you need to test it on a small scale to see how well it converts with a proven advertising source. Once you have established that your sales funnel converts you can use this funnel to test further advertising sources.

Once you have tested an advertising source and achieved a good roi (return on investment) from a funnel it's time to scale things up so that you can multiply your income – this is where things get really interesting for you as an internet marketer 🙂

Discover the REALITY of Making Money Online with Internet Marketing..

Discover the REALITY of Making Money Online with Internet Marketing..

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