Do any of these claims sound familiar?

  • “Totally Hands-Free Income on Complete Autopilot!”
  • “Make $25,000 a Week Working 2 Hours a Day!”
  • “Forget Paid Advertising! This 1-Click Software Gets You All the Traffic You Will Ever Need!”
  • “Earn 1000 Bucks a Day with Just $50 Out Of Pocket Expenses!”
  • “No Need to Worry About Buying Paid Ads – Traffic is ‘Built In' to This Offer!”


Unfortunately, people who want to earn some extra money from home often believe these statements, sign-up for whatever program or matrix is being pitched to them and then end up disappointed when they log into their email and affiliate accounts to discover that it's yet another ZERO Commission day.. instead of actually learning how to build an online business they look for the next hair brained money making ‘scheme' and lose more money they can't afford to lose..

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Trying to make money online can be extremely frustrating. You need a scalable system that actually WORKS.

..and the process repeats itself, until they eventually decide that ALL online business is ‘SCAM!' or ‘BS'.

The TRUTH is that there are millions of people running successful online businesses from their homes.

All you need is a plan that WORKS and the determination to MAKE it work.

It took me months to realize how making money by selling products on the internet REALLY worked and years to develop a reliable system for scaling up my income.

It took me a long time because I was introduced to so many different strategies for making money:

  • e-comm
  • Amazon stores
  • building an seo agency
  • clicking PTC ads
  • investing in forex trading programs
  • buying and selling web domains
  • building Youtube channels

I attended webinars, bought training guides, invested in all kinds of traffic generation softwares, spent hundreds of dollars on licenses to resell software and signed up to hundreds of different Biz Opps and MLM opportunities.

This got me NOWHERE and left me confused and bewildered.

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This guy has a bunch of opportunities but no real business.

If that's how you're feeling now, I want to save you a lot of time and expense by GIVING you the exact system almost every professional marketer on the planet uses.

This is NOT the system the ‘gurus' sell you. It's the method they actually USE, without saying they do, because they want to keep you struggling and buying their BS products.

OK – forget about earning a million dollars with ‘Chat Bots' or a ‘Magic' Traffic Software that justs spams a few social accounts with plagairized content.

That won't get you anywhere.

Before you worry about earning “20K a day” or anything like that – you need to pass one very important milestone first.

Before you can even earn 100 bucks a month you need to learn how to turn 1 dollar into 1 dollar and 10 cents.

That's the key to unlimited wealth.

The ONLY thing you need to master as an internet marketer is ROI (Return On Investment).

LEARN that fact and never forget it as it is the only “Secret” to the internet lifestyle.

Once you can make more in sales than you spend on traffic you have a business that you can scale up to infinity!

You only need 2 things to achieve this:

  1. A High-Converting Digital Sales Funnel (your automated online selling mechanism – the system you use to pitch offers to your visitors)
  2. Targeted Traffic (visitors who are ‘in the market' for your offers)


Once you have these 2 things you have an online business.

Without either one of these you have an expensive hobby.

A lot of marketers think that ‘targeted traffic' is really hard to get but the truth is that traffic is the easy part. People are on their phones and computers all the time. You just need to buy traffic to put your funnel in front of your market. That's just how it is. Most people can't generate a lot of free, targeted traffic. EVERYONE can buy it.

Obviously you can try free traffic strategies but that's a lot harder than just buying ads and NOBODY can scale-up their time investment as we only have 24 hours available in each day, even if you don't sleep.

So there you have it – the FACTS.

  • You NEED a Funnel
  • You NEED Advertising

The easiest funnel to promote is an affiliate funnel, which is an automated system for promoting someone else's product(s).

This is where I started and where most other marketers start.

The BIGGEST problem is that most of us aren't able to create an affiliate funnel:

Unless you're ready to spend money every month on expensive funnel building tools, or code your funnels from scratch yourself, there is only 1 solution..

The solution is to get yourself a ‘Done-For-You' digital sales funnel created by an expert.

Here is an example of a funnel that works really well when you add real traffic to it.

  1. The P2S Ambassador System: This is for marketers who are ready to start building a list with an autoresponder like Aweber. It enables you to build a list, earn commissions on several Clickbank offers via a pre-written follow-up sequence, AND earn as much as 3100 dollars per sale from the Partnership To Success program which is a coaching program for digital entrepreneurs from a top Clickbank seller. If you want to learn more about the Ambassador program click here to watch a free video presentation which will show you what it can do for you.


Here's the thing you need to remember:

If you become a member of the P2S Ambassador program, you will have a high-converting digital sales funnel which you can use to make commissions. This is far more effective than just promoting an affiliate link. However, if you then fail to promote your funnel, and promote it properly, NOTHING will happen.

When I say promote it properly, what I mean is that you actually need to do a lot more than sending a few thousand traffic exchange visitors to it. That might make a sale or two but it's not an effective strategy for building a scalable online business because the people looking at your site aren't really ‘looking' a lot of the time and the majority of them aren't prepared to spend money on internet marketing products, even if they will really help them.

Here are some of the sites you can use to promote your funnels but there are lots of others. The key to success is to track your results with every site you use and then scale up your traffic with the sources that get you the best results.

  1. Udimi: This is a solo ad marketplace where you can buy clicks from list owners who have thousands of internet marketing and home business leads. You can access MILLIONS of entrepreneurs from this site. Make sure you check the reviews for each solo ad vendor and in particular the percentage of people who ‘got sales' when they did ad runs.
  2. TrafficForMe: This is an email traffic vendor who specialize in generating clicks which are ultra targeted to your offer. Use this service with confidence.
  3. FreeAdvertisingForYou: This site provides you with both free and paid advertising that converts really well.
  4. LeadsLeap: Leadsleap is a one-of-a-kind marketing tool that provides you with extremely responsive advertising as well as marketing tools that you would normally pay for such as click tracking, email list management, a landing page builder and pop-up ad creator. If you are just starting, this one system can enable you to go from novice to marketer, all from one dashboard. Leadsleap click tracking also tracks interactions on your landing pages which gives you much more information about the quality of your traffic sources than you can obtain without this extra insight.

If you want to learn more about tracking your marketing results so you can scale your business, please have a look at this simple method for measuring the effectiveness of your traffic sources and this guide to conversion tracking.






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Discover the REALITY of Making Money Online with Internet Marketing..

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