The MonsterMode 700K System just launched and I decided to publish a breakdown of the system and how it works so that all my visitors and customers know exactly what it is and how to use it to build and automate their online income.

Before we delve into The MonsterMode System itself, I want to give you the simplified formula for making money by selling products on the net.

Digital Sales Funnel + Traffic = Income

A lot of people say that traffic is the hard part of this equation but the truth is that generating traffic is easier than falling off a log.

Whilst there are lots of free ways to get traffic, the quickest and most effective traffic generation method is just to buy advertising.

The HARD part of the equation is producing an effective SELLING SYSTEM, aka a digital sales funnel, that makes more in profits than it costs to advertise, or if you're using free traffic strategies, a funnel that makes enough money to make it worth the effort of producing and posting content to get people to see it.

This is the stumbling block that 95% of marketers NEVER get past because building a digital sales funnel that converts is really difficult.

That is the reason why the MonsterMode 700K System is such a brilliant breakthrough, especially for newer marketers who are stuggling to make regular sales.

It's a 5-tier commission system which earns you money from 5 proven WarriorPlus offers by Bryan Winters which have made more than 700K in sales.

These “cash plugin” offers are all top-selling, (and premium quality) software products.

After you get a MonsterMode700K funnel via this launch link, you will be able to add your affiliate link for each of the 5 offers to your MonsterMode funnel. This is what the cash plugin section in your backoffice looks like when you have added the links and fully activated your funnel:

cash plugins
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Digg
  • Pinterest
  • Delicious
  • reddit
  • LinkedIn
  • StumbleUpon
  • Tumblr

The cash plugin indicicator after the 5 offers have been activated.

Click any of the links below to see the sales pages for each of the cash plugins which will be featured in your funnel (these are my affiliate links for each offer):

  1. CBMoneyVine
  2. 5FigureDay
  3. 5iphonReloaded
  4. IGMoneyTree
  5. ShopMonopoly


How to Make Money with The MonsterMode System

  • You get your own MonsterMode funnel which enables you to profit from each of the above 5 products.
  • You give away free copies of the MonsterMode700K app.
  • People who get a free copy from you activate their ability to earn income from each of the 5 products by first buying each product from inside your funnel.
  • You earn 100% commissions on the front-end offer (and upgrades) for the FIRST of these products ie. CBMoneyVine.
  • You earn autopilot commissions on offers 2 through 5 via your MonsterMode referrals' efforts, your tier 1 referrals pass up their commissions for offer 2, your tier 2 referrals pass up their commissions for offer 3 and so on and so forth.
  • This creates 1 direct and 4 ‘viral' income streams as you and your referrals start to bring in sales from the 5 products featured in the funnel.
  • You accumulate commissions via WarriorPlus sales which can be withdrawn straight into your Bank account.


Here are the upgrade customizations you can add to your Monster Mode account to make it even more profitable:

  • Upgrade 1: MonsterMode's Autopilot Traffic Pool gives you guaranteed visitors to your link 24/7 so that you can get targeted visitors to your funnel, effortlessly. This is perfect for newbies who don't necessarily know where to get cost effective advertising.
  • Upgrade 2: MonsterMode's Pushbutton Leads enables you to select a lead capture page to place at the front of your funnel, from a number of beautifully designed pages. This gives you the ability to collect leads for future promotions with your funnel. I've attached a screenshot showing the pages you can choose from:

    lead capture page options
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Digg
    • Pinterest
    • Delicious
    • reddit
    • LinkedIn
    • StumbleUpon
    • Tumblr

    These are the lead capture pages available for the front of your funnel with upgrade 2.

  • Upgrade 3: MonsterMode's 1 Click Monthly Commissions enables you to activate an extra residual income stream from your funnel via commissions from any of your referrals who purchase the MonsterMode autopilot traffic pool upgrade.
  • Upgrade 4: MonsterMode's Backend Commission Stuffer enables you to earn $324 per sale from any of your referrals who purchases the high-ticket coaching program via the automated training webinar they can join from the MonsterMode members' area.
  • Upgrade 5: MonsterMode's 5X Commissions Booster enables you to earn direct commissions from offers 2 through 5 in addition to the autopilot commissions you would earn from your indirect referrals on tiers 2 through 5, thereby multiplying your potential earnings from the MonsterMode700K System.


How To Give Away the MonsterMode App:

Believe it or not, many people will buy the MonsterMode700K funnel and then do nothing with it.

Getting an amazingly high converting digital sales funnel, hard-coded with your links and then not promoting it is a spectacularly bad idea.

If you buy it, even if you get the autopilot traffic pool offer, it's best to promote your link EVERYWHERE you can!

There are no systems for making money that don't require some sort of effort on your part.

Here are some suggestions on how to promote your MonsterMode referral link after you have activated your 5 cash plugin links:

  1. Udimi: This is a solo ad marketplace where you can buy clicks from list owners who have thousands of internet marekting and home business leads. You can access MILLIONS of entrepreneurs from this site. Make sure you check the reviews for each solo ad vendor and in particular the percentage of people who ‘got sales' when they did ad runs.
  2. TrafficForMe: This is an email traffic vendor who specialize in generating clicks which are ultra targeted to your offer. Use this service with confidence.
  3. FreeAdvertisingForYou: This site gives you free and paid advertising that converts really well.
  4. Herculist: Prime ads are a great way to get interested visitors quickly.
  5. Digiproducts: You can get some free targeted advertising with the promo code ‘digiproducts', and more advertising is available from the ‘advertising contributors' section of the downline builder.





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